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TV Smith
Sunday 10th November 2002
Sunderland - Sinatra's

Set by TJ, 18 pics
No Title   Comment
1 Not A Bad Day    
2 Immortal Rich    
3 One Million Pounds    
4 The Future Used To Be Better    
5 The Day We Caught The Big Fish    
6 Cast Of Thousands    
7 Like A Rocket    
8 Your Ticket Out Of Here with sequencer  
9 Earthbound with sequencer  
10 Sugar Crash with sequencer  
11 The World Just Got Smaller Again with sequencer  
12 Expensive Being Poor with sequencer  
13 Generation Y    
14 Soon As I Found It I Lost It    
15 Only One Flavour with 1977  
16 No Time To Be 21 with 1977  
17 Lion And The Lamb with 1977  
18 Bored Teenagers with 1977  
19 My String Will Snap with 1977  
20 Gary Gilmore's Eyes with 1977  
21 One Chord Wonders with 1977  


Review by Leigh Sayers:

Not a bad day to get out to Sinatra's and watch some reality TV or as he would say the "2-0 effect". The thin man is an advert for ace songwriting, passionate delivery and generally being a wonderful human being. Tonight he blasted out a brilliant set` of razor sharp acoustic punk before being joined by the deservedly popular 1977 for an explosive seven song finale.

When TV sings "One million pounds - I'd turn it down" you are inclined to believe him. Honesty and integrity allied to bare-your- tonsils-to-the-world punk attitude is a potent mixture, as his nineties' albums "Immortal Rich" and "Generation Y" testify.

For me this performance really came alive when he ripped into songs like "Only One Flavour" and "My String Will Snap" from last year's "Useless" album, recorded with German band Die Toten Hosen and the excellent "World Just Got Smaller Again" and "The Future Used To Be Better" ("I'm half way there and half way back/The world pissed on my purple patch") from the E.P. recorded with Finland's Punk Lurex OK. Then to cap it all we are treated to The Adverts' hits delivered with 1977 backing, TV's limbs flailing all over the stage and the happy punks finally getting the chance to pogo.

"Maybe I'll stop the rot/Maybe I'll cut it away/Maybe in the end I'll say not a bad day"

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