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Friday 4th October 2013
Augsburg - Earthbound

No Title   Comment
1 Earthbound    
2 I Know What You Want    
3 Living World    
4 Walk Away    
5 Soon As I Found It I Lost It    
6 Atlantic Tunnel    
7 First One To Sign Up   first appearance! 
8 Replay    
9 Cutbacks    
10 London Hum    
11 A Step Back   first appearance! 
12 I Delete    
13 Long Gone    
14 It Don't Work    
15 Festival Of Fools    
16 Home Town    
17 Lion And The Lamb    
18 The Newshound    
19 We Want The Road    
20 Shipwrecked On The Rocks Of Love    
21 Straight And Narrow    
22 Coming In To Land    
23 Carrying On    
24 Good Times Are Back    
25 Runaway Train Driver    

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