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TV Smith
Tuesday 19th June 2007
Halle - Unicum

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1 Only One Flavour    
2 No Time To Be 21    
3 Not In My Name    
4 Bring The Bull Down    
5 Lion And The Lamb    
6 Second Class Citizens    
7 You Saved My Life Then Ruined It    
8 Strong Horse    
9 Gather Your Things And Go    
10 Expensive Being Poor    
11 Weak Glue    
12 Immortal Rich    
13 Sugar Crash    
14 What If?    
15 Driver Or Passenger    
16 Roll Like A River    
17 My String Will Snap    
18 Clone Town    
19 New Church    
20 Lord's Prayer    
21 I Wish I Could See Clearly    
22 This Year, Next Year...    
23 The Future Used To Be Better    
24 Useless    
25 Gary Gilmore's Eyes    
26 Bored Teenagers    
27 Generation Y    
28 Good Times Are Back    
29 Luxury In Exile    
30 The Day We Caught The Big Fish    
31 I Know What You Want    
32 Runaway Train Driver    
33 Backstage Bob   / 2nd Encore
34 Soon As I Found It I Lost It    
35 Not A Bad Day    
36 One Chord Wonders    

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