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TV Smith
Sunday 30th September 2007
Essen - Anyway

No Title   Comment
1 Earthbound    
2 Have Fun    
3 Get It Now   first appearance! / 1st time on set-lists
4 On Your Video    
5 Backstage Bob    
6 Together Alone   first appearance! / 1st time on set-lists
7 Ship In A Bottle    
8 Dum de Dum    
9 Fire In The Darkness    
10 I Wish I Could See Clearly    
11 Open Up Your Heart    
12 Clone Town    
13 High Society    
14 See Through    
15 Ghosts    
16 Weak Glue    
17 It's Warming Up   first appearance! 
18 In The Arms Of My Enemy    
19 We Want The Road with Jonathan on Bassguitar  
20 Television's Over with Jonathan on Bassguitar  
21 My Place with Jonathan on Bassguitar  
22 Like A Rocket    
23 In There    
24 Daydreaming   first appearance! / 1st time on set-lists

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